About Lynda Hull

I qualified as an SRN in 1977 at Huddersfield Royal Infirmary working as a District Nursing Sister for 12 years in Doncaster and Huddersfield. This included the role of liaison nurse with Kirkwood Hospice, I have also been owner/manager of a residential home for the elderly for 12 years. I worked as a volunteer therapist and Tai chi Teacher at Kirkwood Hospice for 11years


Classes available in:-

  • Infinite Tai Chi
  • Infinite Chi Kung 
  • Infinite Meditation                                 




The power of the mind over the body


In 2009 after a fractured leg, I developed an auto immune condition, called Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD). This is a disabling condition depleting your bones of calcium, resulting in Osteoporosis.


By using meditation, visualisation, Reiki and Tai Chi I have freed myself of this condition, becoming stronger and fitter than I have been for years. For a more mature lady  I feel that I am doing extremely well. I believe that we have the capabilities to be in control of the chattering, criticising mind and not let the mind control us with it's emotional thought systems. 


Living a life full of love , peace and gratitude 


Year 2000 was a pivotal year when I qualified with the British School of Reflexology. This was the start of a more spiritual, fulfilled life, but the biggest changes in my life have been my teacher training with Master Jason Chan of the Light Foundation. This was a powerful life changing experience.


The more I practiced, the more I became whole, solid and strong, connecting me to the power force of nature itself, (connecting heaven and earth as the Chinese put it.) This involves utilising all the elements to energise and strengthen my whole physical and mental being.


I believe in bringing peace and harmony to the very centre of my core .


I have realised the beauty of this wonderful art form. I now want to share it with the world. I want to enable everyone to access this power, bringing it into their busy, stressful, lives and to take time off the treadmill of life and find at least one hour of peace and harmony. My aim is to facilitate each person to access the stillness deep within each of us. Offering from my heart to yours, with gratitude and praise for the eternal light that shines in all. x